We use a variety of common sign-making substrates at One Day Masterpieces.

Aluminum Composite Panels

Known in the industry as DIBOND®, MAX-metal, ACM, etc., this type of panel is a long-lasting yet lightweight alternative to MDO, wood and aluminum. The metal sign panels are constructed using two pre-painted sheets of aluminum bonded to a solid polyethylene core. Aluminum composite panels can be routed into custom shapes and accept vinyl lettering or vinyl decals. Digital versions can be directly printed.

Expanded PVC (polyvinyl chloride) / Foamed PVC

Sintra® is the original brand name for this product, but there are many other manufacturers of expanded PVC in the market today. Foamed PVC sheet and sign blanks are a versatile, lightweight, durable option for creating signs and displays of all types. The material has a smooth, uniform surface that allows for great ink adhesion and consistency and is an excellent choice for routed shapes.

Type 1 PVC

Type 1 PVC is the solid PVC form and is much heavier than foamed PVC. It’s one of the most versatile thermoplastics being used today and offers exceptional dimensional stability. This substrate can be routed and painted to produce durable, long-lasting signs.


Acrylic is a shatter resistant, a lightweight plastic alternative to glass. Often called Plexiglas®, it can be routed, painted or used as a backer for vinyl application. A special digital acrylic can be used for direct printing.


MDO is medium-density-overlay plywood. It features painted surfaces that are ready for vinyl letters or digital prints. It is commonly used for short-term “For Sale” signs in real estate.

Aluminum Panels

Aluminum is the most durable and longest-lasting substrate. It can be routed and painted or have vinyl applied to it. Aluminum panels come in thicknesses from .040˜ to 1/4˜.


High-density polyurethane is a long-lasting material that will not rot, crack or peel. It can be sandblasted or routed and finished with paint.


Styrene is denser than expanded PVC and a little heavier. It works well with direct printing and is a good choice for decals.


Coroplast is a corrugated plastic panel.


ADA plastic is a matte-finish product that is specifically designed to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) federal regulations. It is engravable and routable and will accept Braille.


From oak to walnut, wood signs are still an elegant classic, and finishing touches from our state-of-the-art CNC router or laser engravers can bring your logo to life. For a custom look, we can stain the wood to bring out the unique characteristics of the grain or paint it to match your organization’s colors. Wood can also be sandblasted for a rustic look.